Atlantique (tomato, mushrooms, tuna, onions, parsley, mozzarella)

Calzone (tomato, cooked ham,mushroom, egg, cheese served with a green salad)

Margarita (tomato, cooked ham, mozzarella)

Mexicaine (tomato, cooked ham, chorizo, mozzarella, egg, fresh cream and bolognaise)

Montagnarde (tomato, mozzarella, roquefort, bolognaise and black olives)

Nordique (tomato, fresh salmon, mozzarella, lemon cream and salmon graviak's

Orientale (tomato, mushrooms, sweet peppers, merguez, mozzarella, egg, parsley, olives)

Paysanne (tomato, diced bacon, chorizo, mozzarella, egg, Italian ham)

Périgourdine (tomato, mushrooms, breast, mozzarella, shavings of foie gras)

4 fromages (tomato, goat cheese, roquefort, emmental, mozzarella)

Régina (tomato, mushrooms, cooked ham, mozzarella)

Roma (tomato, boiled ham, mozzarella, goat cheese)

Royale (tomato, mushrooms, cooked ham, onions, mozzarella, egg, anchovy)

Savoyarde (tomato, diced bacon, onions, mozzarella, reblochon)

Sicilienne (tomato, capers, mozzarella, parsley, black olives, anchovy)

Toscane (tomato, ham, diced bacon, onions, chorizo, mozzarella, egg, cream)

Vivadi (tomato, mushrooms, zucchinis, aubergines, mozzarella, parsley, olives, peppers)


                           Our pizza's with the winged fresh cream


Tartiflette (cream, potatoes, diced bacon, onions, mozzarella, reblochon)

Maraîchère (cream, potatoes, onions, mozzarella, egg, Italian ham

Océane (cream, fresh salmon, tuna, mozzrella, lemon flavoured cream, salmon graviak's)

Luigi (cream, cooked ham, chorizo, mozzarella)

Pollo Curry (cream, chicken, zucchinis, peppers, onions, mozzarella)

Ingrédients supplément

Egg, musrooms, olives, cooked ham, mozzarella, diced bacon, anchovy, tuna, chorizo

Magret, salmon, Italian ham, foie gras


                             price net of which VAT with 7%