homenade beef skewer

Beef entrecote 200 gr

Beef entrecote 400 gr

plate U.S.A homenade minced beef, chips and salad)

Steack tartar (homenade minced beef minute, chips and salad)



skewers of grilled duck steack

Homenade beef skewer

homenade chiken skewer



Veal escalope a la Milanaise

Veal escalope with cream and mushrooms

Veal escalope with gorgonzola

Veal escalope sauce marsala and mushrooms

Choice of garnish: chips, pasta's, rice, green salad or fried vegetables

Choice of sauce: green pepper, gorgonzola or bearnaise sauce



Pan-fried peeled gamba's and its pasta's

pan-fried cod in parsley and green salad

Wok of peeled shrimps scampi and pastes chinese


Choose your pasta's tagliatellies or warp ends

With pesto and parmesan

with carbonara

with the bolognaise

with ham and roquefort

with 2 salmons (fresh salmon, salmon graviak's and freshcream)

With foie gras (smoked magret, shavings of block de foie gras)

With shrimps scampi and Saint-Jacques in saffron flavoured sance



2 salmons ( fresh salmon and salmon graviak's and fresh cream, cheese)

Vegetarian ( tomato, spinach, mushrooms and fresh cream, cheese, peppers)

Bolognaise (homenade sauce beef only, cheese)